Nexus were delighted to host Youth Speaks on the evening of Wednesday 22nd January. This was a superb opportunity to hear a number of well-crafted speeches on a diverse range of highly engaging topics from highly accomplished speakers in Years 7 through to 9 .

Striking for the Environment: Josie acted as chairperson, and facilitated an excellent proposal from Lily, who argued that the importance of prioritising the health of our environment over education until our planet is back to health. Isla responded by highlighting the importance of education in being able to fix climate problems. 

Bees: Ella excellently managed Keira and Lowri’s debate over the role of bees. Keira laid the case for protecting them, highlighting how important they are for human survival, whilst Lowri focused on the pain and suffering they put people through, especially those with severe allergies. 

Do we have a choice over what we eat: Nell, Amelie and Arina discussed and explored a huge topic in our society: food, diet, and nutrition. Nell chaired the debate, in which Amelie argued the case for vegetarianism being a comfortable way to live today. Arina opposed this with a strong argument for tighter nutritional controls. 

Congratulations to the ‘Striking for the Environment team: ’ Lily Mason, Josie Welch and Isla Richards who won the competition and will go forward to the Schools’ competition in February.