This week we had our year 7 revision evening online. Please see below videos that we’re shown on the evening, with the Q&A session responses.

On the evening the following questions were asked:

Will the results be sent home?

–          Following the high stakes test in November reports will be issued containing the results from this round of assessments.

Are students able to bring their books home?

–          Students are welcome to bring their exercise books home between lessons and are encouraged to do so over half term to aid in their revision.

How has the assessment process changed?

–          Previously students would have sat four “end of semester” assessments which are equivalent to the high stakes, this has been reduced to two in year seven.

Are there practice papers available for students to use?

–          As students start their GCSE’s, past papers will make up a significant amount of their revision, at the start of secondary school we recommend using revision techniques such as flash cards, mid maps and note making in preparation for these  year 7 assessments.

Who is best to ask for help?

–          Students can ask their teachers for subject specific help or their form tutors, they can also ask Mr Rees for guidance on how to revise or any other member of the Nexus team.

What happens if a student gets a low grade?

–          These assessments are designed to inform teachers and students on their progress, every student will be given time to improve following the assessment in each subject, where a student has struggled in multiple subjects support will be given by the Nexus team, this may take the form of additional homework or dedicated intervention time during co-curricular. All intervention following assessments is supportive and not meant as a punishment.

Will an exam timetable be sent home?

–          Assessments will take place during their timetabled lessons, the week starting 9th November is a week B on their timetables. Teachers will be able to advise classes which lesson that week the test will take place.

Will results be made public?

–          We want to share and celebrate the good work the students do here at Nexus and we will be celebrating the successes. We will not be sharing all results publically.

We hope you have found these videos and the responses to questions useful. If there are any further questions or anything you would like clarified please contact