The Day at Nexus

The day begins at 8.30am with a 10 minute tutorial to support the students with their organisation prior to attending four lessons during the day.

Students are able to spend their break and lunchtime in the canteen, in their year group areas or outside playing football or reading in the Japanese Gardens. There is a 20 minute tutorial prior to lesson 4. The tutorial programme is based on developing the skills and qualities needed to thrive as a gifted student. Students will be encouraged to self-reflect and will receive support to ensure they fulfil their potential both academically and personally. Lessons finish at 2.45pm.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, students participate in the co-curricular programme. Between 2.45-3.15pm students are able to make themselves a cup of tea and have a piece of toast. Each week, on a rota basis, Nexus students are responsible for clearing the canteen and wiping the tables. On days where students have been studying at the CSIA main campus, they will be transported to Nexus at 2.50pm for tea and co-curricular activities.

Where students have sporting commitments on the CSIA main campus, these take priority over the co-curricular programme. Transport will be arranged from the Nexus campus to the main campus as required.

The co-curricular classes begin at 3.15 pm. The day at Nexus finishes at 4:30pm on co-curricular days. There is no co-curricular provision on a Monday or Friday and the day ends at 2:45pm.