This academic year has seen a significant change in the co – curricular programme at Nexus. Students are enrolling on a nine week block four times a year, which is run in line with the semesters at school. For semester 1 on a Monday the students have began their comprehensive development programme. Students have participated in a series of Lectures by the Seal Sanctuary and Professor Paul Russell. In addition the students have either started their 10 week block on First Aid or their Enquiries Based Project where they are learning about the research model as well undertaking their own research under the theme of ‘Mission to Mars’.

Students in an academic lecture

On a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there are a variety of activities for the students to sign up to. These range from Strategic Chess League in Association with Cornwall Chess, to Camborne Theatre Company in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company, to Dragons Den, to Leadership Opportunities with STEM Primary, to Bronze Crest Award, to Robotics, to Electronics and much much more.

Strategic Chess League in Association with Cornwall Chess

The students have thoroughly enjoyed their semester 1 activities. Parents and students have both commented on the fantastic offering which is at Nexus for the students.

Bronze Crest Award