On Friday 13th December students from Trevithick Learning Academy came to Nexus to complete a workshop on the solar system

The inflatable planetarium

The students made planets out of salt dough and put them in the correct order of the solar system. The children got into groups to learn about how the earth rotates and the fact it can be day and night at the same time at different points on earth. The students used a torch as the sun and they stuck two sticky notes with a picture of a stick man on the globe. One at the top and one at the bottom. They would spin the globe and shine the torch at the same time to visually see the difference.

The students then went into the inflatable planetarium where they could see all the planets around them and Mrs Gourley explained the different properties of each planet and different interesting facts.

As the children came out they said “ That was so much fun!!” , “Wow” , “I liked the tunnel” and “It was stars!”

They then went back into the classroom for a question and answer session. The children were telling Mrs Gourley the different things they had learnt in the session and about how much fun they had.

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