Nexus Scholars

Nexus Scholars Programme

  • for Y5 students
  • to be nominated by the class teacher (not parents)
  • primary school must be within the Nexus (Camborne) catchment area

These sessions will take Year 5 students from the Nexus catchment area beyond the KS2 curriculum in Maths, English and Foreign Languages but will also support students as they aim for the higher SAT scores.

Our specialist Mathematics staff will be Introducing concepts which would not have been encountered previously but will engage students in the application of maths including:

  • Euler’s formula
  • Derivation
  • Approximation
  • Fibonacci sequence

In English, the sessions will involve extending skills in both reading and writing including:

  • Honing writing skills – developing the ability to write creatively and with clarity.
  • Developing skills in reading – identifying and exploring inferences.
  • Exploring a variety of different texts. Students will have the opportunity to read and respond to different writing forms including prose and poetry.

In MFL, our expert staff will introduce students to both French and Spanish. This will include:

  • Building vocabulary
  • Learning conversational topics
  • Verbal and writing skills in both languages.

How to register your students:
– These sessions are for Year 5 students who are in the Nexus catchment area only.
– They will take place fortnightly on alternate Thursdays starting at 10.20am and finishing at 2.15pm.
– Transport will be provided by Nexus; minibuses will pick up and return students to their primary school.
– Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them or any food they may require while here.

Please note these sessions have a limited capacity and will be delivered to a challenging level. Since we are only able to accommodate a maximum of 3 students per school, please nominate only those children that are capable of working well beyond their current age.

If you would like to secure a place for some of your students please click on the link below which will take you to a Google Form where you can register your interest. We will then get back to you to confirm the details of the participating students.