Nexus Research

In its broadest definition, research is the “study of materials to establish facts and reach new conclusions”. A love of reading, writing, questioning, analysing and communicating; for those who love to learn, research is not just an imperative but a need!

At Nexus, research is the fundamental tool used for building knowledge and facilitating learning. Our program of rigorous and challenging lessons is supported by opportunities for students to study and engage with cutting-edge developments from across the academic world.

Outside of lessons, students are taught the essential skills required to conduct their own meaningful research projects. During their time at Nexus, all students will complete an Enquiries Project, requiring a long-term and in-depth study of a topic or question of their own choosing.

There are opportunities for students to share their research findings at local, national and international meetings, via our extensive International Program.

Whether it is undertaking experimental scientific research or writing a dissertation-style academic paper, the skills gained through research are highly sought-after by the world’s top universities and are invaluable for academic success.