We are delighted to announce the launch of our new programme, The Nexus Liberal Arts, which begins in September this year. We are passionate about enriching and challenging our gifted students and the NLA provision will complement the STEM strand at Nexus in fulfilling this ambition.

The term ‘liberal arts’ has been used for centuries. With its roots in classical antiquity, it was considered to be fundamental in shaping the individual for their place within society. More recently, it is the name given to a prestigious degree which encompasses subjects within the arts and humanities.  The NLA strand at Nexus incorporates English, Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities. Our NLA subjects allow students to learn in a highly academic environment that provides an intellectual grounding and privileges critical thinking. Our ambition is that all our Nexus students will become highly literate and effective communicators who have a rich breadth of knowledge – no matter what they choose as their future chosen field. Students at Nexus will be able to pick from the top universities worldwide and we recognise the significance of them becoming culturally enriched, inquisitive thinkers.  We are also passionate about inspiring the next generation of lawyers, politicians, academics, researchers, journalists of the future. Our rigorous and challenging lessons sit alongside a rich co-curricular programme that enable students to flourish – both in pursuing specialised fields of interest and broadening their understanding of the world and some its most complex issues. The Co-Curricular programme at Nexus will reflect both the NLA and STEM components of our provision and enable students to move beyond the curriculum and become critical and curious thinkers.