Our masterclass sessions provide an opportunity for students to experience Nexus gifted lessons. Students will engage in a variety of different subjects, meet fellow gifted students from around the county and develop deeper thinking skills. Each masterclass will consist of 3 x 30 minute sessions with one of our specialist teachers. They will also meet some Nexus student leaders as well as have a tour of the Nexus site. There will be Liberal Arts and STEM Masterclasses for Year 6 students in Autumn 2023 and for Year 5 students in Spring 2024.

Quotes from students being asked: What has been your favourite part?
“Science, it’s my favourite subject and it was super fun!”
“Doing the ‘how many handshakes’ as I am now the triangle guy. I would love to join Nexus”
“Everything. It is amazing here and I love it. Thank you”
“Meeting nice new people”