We were so lucky today to have Professor Colton and his team from the world renowned Metamakers Institute visiting Nexus. A very special member of the team was the artist known as the ‘Painting Fool’. Quiet and reserved, this creative computer painted, drew and sketched several amazing portraits of students and staff. The Painting Fool also refused to paint on a couple of occasions; it was temperamental just like a living artist!

Professor Colton described how we use artificial intelligence in everyday situations. He reassured us that we are in no danger of being overrun by robots anytime soon, because while they may be very clever at one thing (e.g. chess, painting or targeting adverts), they are no good at all at anything we haven’t programmed them to do.

Over 120 students and staff attended Game Jams, workshops and talks, not to mentions the studio of the Painting Fool. Mr Kenworthy sat for a portrait, the results of which can be seen below.

Ian's pic

Thanks to the Games Academy and Falmouth University, but particularly Professor Colton’s team for an incredible day. About 20 CSIA students will continue their work developing games using his ‘No Second Chance’ app and the UNITY engine.Mr Kenworthy's portrait

Our Primary gifted STEM Club was treated to a talk and a Game Jam, which was great fun. This is what some of them thought…