Nexus International Programme

Camborne Science and International Academy has a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding International Programme.

Nexus offers further opportunities for students to engage and collaborate with other top schools on the international stage, such as the Australian Science and Mathematics School, Ritsumeikan School in Japan, National Junior College Singapore, John Monash Science School in Australia, Korean Science Academy of KAIST, National University of Singapore Maths and Science School, the High School affiliated to Beihang University in Beijing and many others.

Our relationships with these leading international schools is well established. Students can embark on joint research, exchange visits and enjoy other collaboration with students from these schools.

The International Science Schools Network

CSIA, including Nexus, are proud to be a member of The International Science Schools Network, an organisation of forty leading Science and Mathematics specialist schools that promotes and celebrates this outstanding provision. Nexus students have the opportunity to showcase their own research projects on the international stage at the annual International Science Schools Fair, where students from these high performing schools come together to share their work.
The International Science Fair is held at prestigious venues worldwide such as Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Adelaide, Winnipeg, Moscow and Melbourne. CSIA will be hosting the 2024 event, which will be attended by over 200 students and educators.

For more information you can click here to visit our International Programme page on the main CSIA website.