We were so lucky today to host a brilliant lecture by Professor Pete Vukusic from the University of Exeter. The lecture explored the way that objects and animals appear different colours, and then how some amazing animals achieve their iridescent colours.

Prof Pete 4

The lecture included a number of practical demonstrations, and the students enjoyed glowing in UV light, creating room-sized waves to illustrate destructive and constructive interference, and looking at samples of the incredible iridescent butterflies with which Professor Vukusic has carried out his research.

Prof Pete 1

An indication of the level of engagement with the lecture was given at the end, when Professor Vukusic stayed on for over half an hour after the lecture ended answering questions from the audience.

Prof Pete 3

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Vukusic very much for taking the time to come and work with our students and those from the Cornwall Scholars’ Community.