Gifted Programme at Nexus

The Nexus campus is a part of Camborne Science and International Academy, one of Cornwall’s top-performing state secondary schools.

Nexus is home to the Gifted Programme for the most able students in CSIA from Years 7-11, as well as Cornwall School of Maths and Science, providing specialist A-Level provision for STEM subjects.

The Nexus Gifted Programme also attracts students from outside the Camborne area.

How do I know if my child is ‘gifted’?

Students on the Gifted Programme commit a significant amount of additional time to school through the extended day. For many children, this is heaven! Extra time to discuss ideas with like-minded friends; to really concentrate on that story they are writing; to check up and see how their science experiment is going. For some able children, the idea of spending extra time at school is not so welcome. We use the word ‘gifted’ because it is children who have the passion and interest in their learning, along with the ability, who will thrive in the environment at Nexus.

As a rule of thumb, if your child has been in the top few in their primary class, if they spend their time asking you ‘why?’ questions that are hard to answer, if they seem to have endless curiosity, if they love aspects of their learning so much that you advise others to buy Christmas and birthday presents based on their latest hobby, then the Nexus Gifted Programme might be the place for them!