Cornish Schools Olympiad

Consent form for the Maths Olympiad can be found by clicking on the button below:

The event is a one-day celebration of mathematics and includes workshops, talks and an exciting competition. The aim of the Olympiad is to provide a competitive and exciting environment for the young mathematicians of Cornwall to share their love of the subject. The competition itself takes place in the afternoon, having been preceded by talks from Nexus’ passionate and enthusiastic team and workshops run by some of CSIA’s fantastic Mathematics department.

The Olympiad offers an opportunity for those young mathematicians with a passion for challenge and discovery to take on teams from across the county in competitive mathematics – but also the forum and environment to discuss, explore and learn about this amazing subject. The talks and workshops will give the students insight into the wonderful world of numbers, mathematical research and some of mathematics’ most famous problems.

Suitable to the most academically able students in Year 5. This event is open to schools from any school in Cornwall. Teams of four students from Year 5 are being invited to apply. Children who are home educated can also get involved; please contact Nexus directly and we will arrange for them to join us.

“The children of Cornwall are exceptionally talented. We want to harness and celebrate that talent. This a fantastic opportunity for those students who are most passionate about mathematics to come together in a celebration and engage in some friendly and competitive challenges.”

The 2020 Maths Olympiad was held at Nexus and won by St. Just Primary School.