Case Studies

Nexus Student Case Studies

Hatty M – Year 8 Nexus Student

Hi, my name is Hattie and I am in Nexus 8.

I joined Nexus to achieve my dreams of becoming a Vet and to be around like-minded people who share my interests but challenge my opinions in new, supportive and creative ways.

When I joined, I felt nervous because I was the only one from my school but after my first lesson I had already made so many good friends and over a year later they are still my favourite people to be around.

One of the best things about Nexus is the co-curricular programme which is tailored to the students and their interests. Currently, my favourite co-curricular class is “Geography Practical Skills” which is a fun, interesting and amazing club where you learn loads without it feeling like work.

If you are still unsure about whether to come, just remember we have a dog, Daisy, is our Springer Collie who is always around to give you cuddles and support.

Jacob A – Year 8 Nexus Student

Hi I’m Jacob from Year 8 at Nexus. When I’m older I want to be an Aerospace Engineer.

The reason that I joined is because my Year 6 teacher, Mr Peck, told me that I might be able to get into Nexus, without him I would not be here. As soon as I had been to the Nexus open evening, for me it was confirmed, I was going to try my hardest to get in.

In Year 6 I felt unchallenged and a bit bored but now I feel more challenged, not in a way that makes me confused but, just enough to make me enjoy myself. Some of you might be joining without friends but don’t let that put you off because here at Nexus we all respect each other. I made friends as soon as I went through the school gates.

The environment at nexus is my favourite part of being here. The people in my class are asking similar questions to the ones that I ask which makes me feel supported and it makes me want to support other people, for me that is the greatest gift. Another great part is that we all want to learn and there is virtually no disruption.

If you’re on the fence about coming to Nexus, then I can say that it is mindblowing. The opportunities you have here are amazing.

Jemima F – Year 7 Nexus Student

Hello, I’m Jemima, a Nexus 7 student. If you’re thinking about coming to Nexus, it may be an intimidating thought, truthfully there is no need to stress. You may have some questions and I hope to answer these and put your mind at ease.

When I started at Nexus, one of the main concerns was, who will I talk to? Who will I stand with at lunch? There is no need to feel apprehensive about this as everyone is so welcoming and it’s such a lovely environment. If you do have any issues the Student Support Staff are here to help you. I promise that on the first day, you will begin to mingle with other Nexus 7 students and will make new friendships extremely quickly!

I have really enjoyed the co-curricular activities and I believe it to be one of the parts of Nexus that makes it so unique here. I am currently doing Wordsmiths, Young Curators Of Forgotten History and Practical Mathematics Through Time. Although this may have a daunting name, it is not a scary club to be part of: you do Maths, some History and even a little bit of art; and you are able to do all of it with like minded people, who will listen to your ideas and expand upon them.

I chose to come to Nexus to be academically challenged and to fulfil my hope of becoming a Neurosurgeon. Nexus has not disappointed.

Leo D – Year 8 Nexus Student

Hi, I’m Leo and I want to be an Astrophysicist when I am older.
I joined the Nexus programme because I saw an opportunity to be amongst like-minded students with similar academic abilities as my own. Once I saw the campus, I knew I had to try the Nexus assessment to increase my opportunities in careers. In my previous school it was difficult to be a bright student, this is not the case at Nexus.

I joined in Year 8 and I was scared as I didn’t know anyone, I had just moved here, but alas within 3 weeks, I already feel at home.

I really enjoy the co-curricular programme, as I can do subjects I would never think of doing. My co-curricular subjects are: Dungeons and Dragons, Journalism and Robotics. In Dungeons and Dragons, I obtain team working skills, life skills and skills in general. It’s also lots of fun.

If you are thinking about doing the Nexus assessment, do it, you won’t regret it. And when I am in Year 9, and you are in year 7, I hope to welcome you all… to Nexus.