I am absolutely delighted to welcome you to Nexus, Camborne Science and International Academy’s Centre of Excellence for the education of the most able.

Nexus is home of The Gifted Programme which is unique in Cornwall, providing a state-funded specialist education to able young people. There is a strong focus on academic achievement, alongside a bespoke curriculum aimed to engage and challenge our students. Students who attend Nexus possess a keen work ethic supported by specialist and dedicated staff. As well as this specially designed curriculum, a stimulating and rewarding range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities contribute equally to shaping inquisitive, confident, dynamic and successful individuals.

The Gifted Programme is exemplified by the Nexus mission statement ; ‘To develop enquiring minds and inspire the next generation of critical thinkers and solution finders.’

Our aim is to develop young learners who are able to pick and choose from the best courses at the very best universities worldwide; young people who have a wealth of research experience from working with some of the best academics in their field of interest. We encourage students to aspire to academic excellence, whether that be a passion and enthusiasm for Liberal Arts or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based careers. Students will develop as independent life-long learners, creative risk-takers and innovators. They will be leaders and team-players, as well as confident individuals who set themselves challenging personal and professional life goals.

Nexus is located on a separate campus from Camborne Science and International Academy, conveniently situated next to the railway station. It is on the site of the original Camborne Grammar School and complemented by the modern and spacious Nexus Lower School.

Nexus is a very special place. From the purposeful, productive atmosphere with an extended school day, to the bright modern space designed for learning, Nexus is a place where the most able young people have the environment and support to develop into the learners and leaders of the future.

Please come and see Nexus and the Gifted Programme for yourself; come and meet our exceptional students and staff who radiate enthusiasm and a love for learning.

Sarah Belshaw

Head of Nexus and Cornwall School of Maths and Science