Years 7-11 Science and Maths Scholars’ Community

Cornwall as a crucible for innovation

Cornwall has a rich history of Scientists and Mathematicians who have driven forward our understanding. From Richard Trevithick to Humphry Davy, Cornwall has been a place where innovation and invention have been important drivers for development and prosperity. The same is true today.

Nurturing young talent

Cornwall’s young talent is now being nurtured through the Scholars’ Community; a growing group of young Scientists and Mathematicians who meet together for lectures, workshops and seminars to further their knowledge and understanding and to meet new friends.

Our programme varies throughout the year but opportunities include:


Future Medics Workshops:


Workshops and seminars targeted at students in Years 7-9 who are interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science. Led by Exeter University Medical School.
Academic Lecture Series


Lectures, delivered by academics and researchers from Universities all over the country. These lectures cover A-Level content and beyond, but are also designed to be accessible to younger, able students.

Visit this link for the latest details about upcoming lectures:

Maths Enrichment programme

(Years 10 and 11 only)


Seminars, delivered by our Lead Teacher for maths and our Head of Maths, which target students aiming for 9’s at GCSE Maths.
CSMS ‘Escape Rooms’ There’s a prankster at work at CSMS who has laid a chemical trap that will spring in an hour. Find your way through layers of fiendish Science and Maths puzzles and see if you can ‘beat the clock’.
CSMS Christmas Lecture An hour of exciting bangs and flashes

Membership of the Scholars’ Community is available to any child in Cornwall from Years 7-11. You can download the Programme of Events and the Application Form below.


Application and Consent Form – Scholars’ Community

If you are in Year 7-11,  or you are a parent or carer and your son or daughter is interested in joining the Scholars’ Community at CSMS, please send a completed Application form to: