University of Cambridge coming to Nexus

By on Nov 1, 2018 in Blog |

tea and cake

Nexus and CSMS have close links with the University of Cambridge, hosting lectures and academic mentoring from some of their most eminent Professors. The students also take part in a visits programme to the University, taking in the sights, sounds and environment of the University so that they feel confident in making an application to Oxbridge in the future.

Next week we will be inviting students to join ‘Oxbridge Juniors’; an opportunity for students from Year 7 – 11 who are considering Oxbridge to deepen their understanding of what is required for Oxbridge and develop their skills so that their future application is more likely to be successful.

As part of our ‘Oxbridge Juniors’ programme, we’re pleased to be able to confirm that Jess Lister from the University of Cambridge will be coming to Nexus on 12th November to meet with the Y7 and 8 students for a Q and A session over tea and cake. If your child is not at Nexus but would like to join Oxbridge Juniors, please contact us via