The Day at Nexus

On the days that students from the Gifted Programme spend entirely at Nexus, the day begins with a tutorial programme based on British values and the important skills of resilience, enquiry and collaboration.


Lessons which stretch the students well beyond the national curriculum, take place during the day.

Nexus prospectus 17 (72)-76Nexus prospectus 17 (72)-39

Lunch is served in the Nexus canteen.

At 3pm, tea is served to students and staff in the canteen. Tea and toast with a variety of spreads are available. Each week, on a rota basis, Nexus students are responsible for clearing the canteen and wiping the tables.

On the days that students have been studying at the CSIA main campus, they will be transported to Nexus at 2.50pm for tea and co-curricular activities.

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Where students have sporting commitments on the CSIA main campus, these take priority over the co-curricular programme. Transport will be arranged from the Nexus campus to the main campus as required.

The co-curricular programme begins at 3.15 pm.

Young engineers whole groupNexus students take part in Young Engineers Energy Quest, one of the co-curricular activities at Nexus. The full co-curricular programme can be viewed on the Co-curricular page.

The day at Nexus finishes at 4:45pm. There is no co-curricular provision on a Friday and the day ends at 2:45pm.