Successful Nexus VI Programme Is Expanding

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The Nexus VI programme is now a year old and has already been a huge success with 80% of the Year 13 cohort applying for a place at Oxford or Cambridge Universities. To build on this success we are now expanding Nexus VI so that even more people can benefit from the amazing package of support this innovative and exciting programme offers.

Previously the Nexus VI programme has run after school, with some exceptional trips and special events to complement the outstanding A Level teaching on the main VI Form Academy campus. However, starting in September 2018 students will have the opportunity to spend entire days at Nexus studying Maths and Science A Levels with other students who are also targeted As and A*s. You will be surrounded by other students who are equally as able, engaged, and driven, therefore the teaching at Nexus will be specifically tailored so that you are stretched to reach your full potential.

When you are studying at the Nexus Campus you will have access to our state of the art facilities, including fully equipped labs and an engineering workshop, collaborative and quiet study spaces, small tutorial rooms and a relaxing common room for that all important cup of tea. You will also have access to the latest academic journals, we have subscriptions to many periodicals, including Nature, the British Medical Journal, Scientific America and ‘MagPi’ for those who want to learn how to code Raspberry Pis!

Our inspirational lecture series is open to all students in Cornwall, but as a member of Nexus VI you will have the opportunity to meet the visiting academics after their lecture and have a tutorial with them. This is a great opportunity to be taught about cutting edge research from experts in their fields.

We have specifically tailored workshops and events for students who are aiming for medicine and veterinary science, using our unique links with the Royal Veterinary College and the Medical School at Exeter University. Last year, for example, we held the first ever RVC Summer School held outside of the RVC in London. If you want to be a vet or a doctor there really is no better place to study than Nexus VI.

The Nexus VI Oxbridge Stream is for those students who are aiming for a place at Oxford or Cambridge. Students who are part of this aspect of the programme will be given individual guidance on personal statement writing, entrance exam preparation, interview practise and also the opportunity to visit Oxford and Cambridge.

If you think the Nexus VI programme might be for you, or if you want to find out more information, please come along to our open day at 10am on Saturday 25th November. To book your place please email





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