STEM Summer Camp for girls starts with a bang!

By on Jul 31, 2017 in Blog |

The STEM Summer Camp for girls started today, with 27 girls from all over Cornwall joining us at Nexus for STEM fun and games. We began by getting to know each other with some ‘icebreaker’ activities, then our friends from the Royal Navy led the girls through two workshops. We were very pleased to be joined by Lt. Helen Forster, Leading Hand Ana Roberts and Lt. Cdr. Niky Wallace. During the first workshop, the participants learned how a jet propulsion engine works, and then designed and tested rockets, which we set off in the Nexus playground. Next, the students learned about wing shapes and created helicopter blades.


IMG_1029IMG_1030The girls also made obstacle courses for the other teams to try.

IMG_1053 IMG_1054IMG_1071 IMG_1080

After lunch, the girls took part in an Engineering challenge, where towers made from marshmallows and spaghetti were marked according to their design, their height and their weight-bearing capacity. Well done to Team ‘Benches’, whose tower won with a very impressive overall score of 26/30. Brilliant work Kaiya, Grace, Ellen and Amelia!

IMG_1155IMG_1161 IMG_1162 IMG_1163IMG_1049 IMG_1166


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for ‘Chemistry Day’!