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Dr. Jo Foster BSc. (Hons.); D.Phil (York) (NASENCO)

Director of Nexus and Cornwall School of Maths and Science

Dr. Foster is Vice Principal at Camborne Science and International Academy and the Director of Nexus and Cornwall School of Maths and Science. She has previously held roles as Head of Science, Assistant Headteacher and SENCO. She was a Teaching and Learning Consultant in Science for Cornwall Council, and has led the Oxbridge-Cornwall Hub and the Triple Science Support Hub. She is currently leading Nexus as a Centre for Excellence in education for the most able and an IRIS Partner School.

Dr. Foster’s background is in Biology; her Doctorate was awarded for her work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on Maximising Biodiversity in Woodlands planted through the Farm Woodland Scheme. Conclusions from her work have been used in national guidance to farmers and landowners to increase the biodiversity in the British landscape.

Dr. Foster is the author of a number of publications. These include Triple Science teaching guidance for the Learning and Skills Support Network; the 21st Century Science textbook for Harper Collins and e-resources for Pearson. She has written a book for the Association of Science Education about the Effective use of Teaching Assistants in Science. She was co-author of the National Strategies e-guide to supporting Gifted and Talented students in Science. Most recently she has written one of the guides for effective delivery of Triple Science for STEM Learning. She has delivered at numerous conferences across the UK and in Ireland on Science teaching and supporting the Most Able.

Jo is an Advisory Teacher for Engineering UK, and a Trustee for the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS). In September 2018, she was appointed as the STEM Education Trustee of the Science Museum Group by the Prime Minister. She has also been appointed to the Education Committee of the Royal Society, a position which commences in January 2019.


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Mr. Dan Chapman MA (Cantab.)

Deputy Director of Nexus

Mr Chapman is an Assistant Principal at Camborne Science and International Academy and the Deputy Director Nexus. He is also the Deputy Director of Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science. He has previously held roles as a Lead Practitioner in Science, Deputy Curriculum Leader of Science and Gifted and Talented Coordinator.

Mr Chapman studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and specialised in Geophysics; his dissertation was on outer-rise earthquakes which occur as a result of stresses within tectonic plates due to subduction. He also spent 6 weeks carrying out detailed geological mapping of an area of Los Tres Picos national park in northern Spain.

Mr Chapman’s love of all things Physics is obvious to all and he has facilitated numerous school trips to CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Mr Chapman has led the CSMS Academic Exchange visit to National Junior College Singapore and the Year 7 and 8 Nexus visit to the Euro Space Centre in Belgium.

In addition to teaching Physics, Mr Chapman is a qualified Moorland Leader and takes an active role in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.


Mr Gareth Rees BA. (Sheffield)

Nexus Lead Practitioner, Mathematics.grees picture.fw

Mr Rees joined Camborne Science and International Academy and Nexus as a Lead Practitioner in Mathematics following 5 years of teaching in Norwich, Norfolk. He has previously held roles as Second in Department for Mathematics, Key Stage 5 Coordinator and Gifted and Talented Coordinator.

Mr Rees studied Management and Mathematics at the University of Sheffield and specialised in Probability and Statistics. It was this combination of studies which led him into a career in Actuarial Sciences. Mr Rees’ academic and professional background in statistical modelling and probabilities led to his passion for the highest standards in Mathematics teaching including Further Mathematics at A-level.

In addition to teaching Mathematics, Mr Rees is a keen skier and holds the Alpine Ski Course Leaders qualification, is a Duke of Edinburgh expedition supervisor and a keen scuba diver.


Miss Danielle Perry BA (Bath Spa) PGCE (Bristol)

Danni Perry

Miss Perry is a Religion, Philosophy and Ethics  teacher at Camborne Science and International Academy who also teaches Sociology at A Level.  She is the Acting Deputy Director of Key Stage 5 with responsibilities for UCAS applications, the tutorial programme and the student leadership team. Her degree is in The Study of Religions with Sociology, but she also has a keen interest in Philosophy and runs the Philosophy Club at Nexus.

Ms. Perry supervises the Extended Project Qualification and Top University Club, ensuring that our most capable students reach their potential. While working at CSIA she has also represented the school with students at the prestigious Ritsumeikan Super Global Forum focusing on finding solutions for educating the world’s most vulnerable children. Miss Perry completed her PGCE at Bristol University and is currently studying part time for her Master’s degree in Education.


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Dr. Nick Gower MSc. (Hons.); D.Phil (Bristol); MRSC

Science Teacher at Nexus

Dr. Gower is a science teacher at Camborne Science and International Academy. He leads the research programme at Nexus, coordinating student projects in preparation for international visits and competitions. Dr Gower joined CSIA in July 2016 after being  awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Teacher Training Scholarship and completing his PGCE through the Cornwall SCITT program based at Truro and Penrice College. Dr. Gower is Head of Maori House at CSIA and is an EPQ supervisor.

Dr Gower’s background is in organic chemistry and sustainable catalysis. He has worked in a number of international labs holding positions at the University of Kyoto, Japan, as a Research Fellow for the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science and as a postdoctoral researcher for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Rochester, New York.