Successful Nexus VI Programme Is Expanding

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The Nexus VI programme is now a year old and has already been a huge success with 80% of the Year 13 cohort applying for a place at Oxford or Cambridge Universities. To build on this success we are now expanding Nexus VI so that even more people can benefit from the amazing package of support this innovative and exciting programme offers. Previously the Nexus VI programme has run after school, with some exceptional trips and special events to complement the outstanding A Level teaching on the main VI Form Academy campus. However, starting in September 2018 students will have the opportunity to spend entire days at Nexus studying Maths and Science A Levels with other students who are also targeted As and A*s. You will be surrounded by other students who are equally as able, engaged, and driven, therefore the teaching at Nexus will be specifically tailored so that you are stretched to...

A new half-term starts in Maths Enrichment.

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As the new half-term begins, students in Mathematics Enrichment are preparing for a series of engaging and insightful sessions to explore and investigate the exciting world of Mathematics. Over the previous 7 weeks students have used analytical thinking, teamwork and predictive reasoning to buy and sell oil in the BP trading game, discovered the 6 faces of hexaflexagons, constructed Columbus cubes and solved Mathematical mysteries. Over the coming weeks the NEXUS Maths Olympiad begins with students completing in small teams in an exciting competition amongst their peers. Students will also be visited by a range of teachers with differing backgrounds to share their interests and love of Mathematics and try their hand at some of the world’s most challenging problems....

The Evolution Of Storytelling

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Professor Chris Morris, head of the world renowned School of Film and Television at Falmouth University, visited Nexus today to deliver a lecture to our students about the history of storytelling, from cave paintings to J.K. Rowling. Professor Morris was inspirational and full of fascinating insights into the way that storytelling has evolved from oral traditions to a multi-million pound global industry. The audience were entranced with Professor Morris’ lecture which touched on many interdisciplinary areas of STEM, from psychology to...

Gaby Shows Off His “Happiness Project”

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As part of their Philosophy and Ethics lessons at Nexus, the students in Nexus 8 were asked to produce something that represented what makes them happy. There were some exceptional projects handed in on Friday last week, not least this amazing 3D model of the Nexus logo from Gaby. Gaby said: “Being at Nexus makes me happy because I have such a good time. We get the opportunity to do so much here and I know I will have a really good career because of it!” Dr Foster, the Director of Nexus, commented: “We’ll be displaying Gaby’s glittery creation at Nexus where it’s a great reminder of what we are here for; happy students who love their time at school and excel at their...

Meteorites, Metals and the Earth’s Mantle at Nexus

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Today we were lucky enough to host Dr Hannah Hughes from the University of Exeter who took a break from her own research at the world renowned Camborne School of Mines to deliver a Nexus lecture on “Precious Metals in the Deep Earth”. Dr Hughes explained the different ways Geologists can look deep into the Earth, including by looking at natural diamonds from the mantle. A truly fascinating lecture and we would like to thank Dr Hughes for her...

Outstanding Co-Curricular Programme Hits Its Stride

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The co-curricular programme at Nexus has been running for 5 weeks now and the students have been getting stuck into lots of new and exciting activities. In Technology club the students are learning how to programme small computers so they can create LED displays. Last week in Maths Enrichment the students were learning how the stock market works by using real world data to predict the price of commodities as market conditions fluctuate. The Astronomy GCSE class are working with Dr and Mrs MacIntosh and are now being supported by Annabel, a STEM leader from Nexus VI. Beginners Mandarin students have been enjoying learning a totally new language while our more experienced Intermediate group are continuing to develop and extend their vocabulary. Their teacher, Mrs Fedorchenko, is also making sure they have plenty of opportunities to learn more about the chinese culture and way of life as...

Exoplanet Hunting At Nexus With The Institute Of Physics

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We were delighted to host Elizabeth Matthews from the Institute of Physics and the University of Exeter at Nexus today. Elizabeth delivered a fascinating lecture on how physicists are hunting for exoplanets around stars in our galaxy. It was truly inspiring to hear how Elizabeth published her first paper using her doctoral research, which led to new exoplanet detections using data from cutting edge ground based space telescopes. The lecture was very well attended and Elizabeth fielded many questions from the audience about the work she is...

Nexus Open Evening the busiest yet!

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It was a pleasure to meet so many parents, carers and children at the Nexus Open Evening last night. We had the biggest turnout ever and were delighted to be able to share information about Nexus and the Gifted STEM programme with parents of children in years 5 and 6, as well as parents of children already in secondary school considering whether a move to Nexus is the right choice for their son or daughter. Details were given about the Nexus Assessment dates for next year – we can only assess a child for the Nexus programme once they have a confirmed place at CSIA. The Assessment Day next year is on Saturday 24th March 2018. If you would like further details about the assessment process, or to order some sample assessment materials, please click here.