Nexus And Falmouth University Team Up For Games Development

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Nexus students were today busy learning about how mobile games are developed. They were supported by a team of academics from the Games Academy at Falmouth University. This week is the first of 6 sessions where the students are going to design, code and then play their own mobile game apps. The students had a great time today and are really looking forward to getting their teeth stuck into their own coding.

SatelLife Competition Begins With Expert Input

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Nexus 9 are entering into the UK Space Agency competition ‘SatelLife’. The SatelLife competition challenges students aged 11-22 to come up with unique and exciting proposals for how satellites could be used in new ways to improve the quality of life on Earth. They have a short period of time to put together a detailed proposal which will then be judged in regional and national competitions. Our students were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to link up with Cathrine Armour, the Director of the South West Centre for Excellence in Satellite Operations. Dr Armour gave the students some invaluable advice on how to design a winning project proposal and was able to answer many questions about how satellites are currently used. The challenge has been promoted locally by the Enterprise Adviser Network, the network which is part funded by the Council, LEP and the CEC aims to...

Astronaut Day At Goonhilly Earth Station

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Nexus has been invited to take students to Goonhilly Earth Station to meet Dr Suzie Imber on the 31st January. Dr Imber won the BBC show “Astronauts” and is an Associate Professor in Space Physics at the University of Leicester. During the visit to Goonhilly, the lucky Nexus students will have the opportunity to hear from Dr Imber about the life of an astronaut candidate, her current research and her plans for the future. They will also have the chance to ask their own questions in an informal Q&A. Dr Imber has won the backing of Commander Chris Hadfield when the next round of European Space Agency astronauts are recruited.

GO! GO! GO! For The F1 In Schools Competition At Nexus

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And they’re off!! The Formula 1 in Schools Competition is off the line this afternoon at Nexus. Mr Rees and 12 students in Nexus 7 and 8 have begun designing their CO2 powered micro-F1 cars. The students have formed three F1 teams; Tidal, Kronos and Geometrix.  They have strict restrictions on the shape, size and mass of their cars. The race to the finish line is on – later in the year the students will have to race their cars and present their designs in a special F1 testing event in Devon. Good luck...

Delight As Oxbridge Offers Begin To Arrive

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We are delighted that Oxbridge offers are beginning to arrive for Nexus students. The hard work and determination of the students has paid off and they now need to focus on achieving the entry grades in their A Levels to meet their offers. Well done everyone.  

Nexus welcomes back Professor Simon Colton

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We were delighted to welcome back Simon Colton on Wednesday 6th November for another fascinating talk on AI and Computational Creativity.  He brought with him his programme, the Painting Fool, which uses non-human intelligences to mimic emotion, imagination and creativity in painting portraits of some of his lucky audiences. Many of the students were able to have their portraits drawn by this ground-breaking artist and these pieces of art will be on display around the Nexus buildings.  We can not wait to have Professor Colton back to run workshops on Artificial Intelligence later in the school...

Students shine at showcase evening

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There was such a buzz at Nexus on Wednesday night as the Year 7 students prepared to deliver their carefully-crafted Showcase presentations to a large audience of family and friends. We were treated to a real range of fascinating topics for the Showcase Presentations, with students drawing inspiration from the lectures they have attended this term, their lessons and enrichment and their co curricular time. The audience were invited to learn some Mandarin, understand how a bee does the ‘waggle dance’, try to halve Pi, beat the students at their own ‘Button Hero’ game, as well as much more. One group told us about their investigation into insecticide contamination of fruit and vegetables, which next term will take them up to Bristol to work with Professor Robin Bedford to use the Gas Chromatograph at Bristol University to analyse their samples. The grand finale to...

Awe-inspiring Nexus Christmas lecture ends with a bang!

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It was all flashes and bangs at Nexus this evening as Mr Chapman led the first Nexus Christmas Lecture, which was AMAZING! The lecture was attended by over 80 students from both Nexus and the main campus, and featured a wide variety of explosive demonstrations which caused whoops of excitement from the enraptured audience. Students were transfixed by reactions from the colours of the oscillating clock to the thermite reaction and the decomposition of glucose with concentrated sulphuric acid. To add to the festivities, Mr Rees wowed the students with an impressive display of ‘Mathemagics’, which perplexed, puzzled and delighted in equal measure. We hope to make the Nexus Christmas Lecture an annual...