Nexus Welcomes New Students at Parents’ Event

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We were delighted to be introducing the next cohort of Nexus students last night at our annual welcome evening. We are very proud of our close relationship with our students and their families, so when 21 future Nexus students arrived to receive their new Nexus badges it was exciting to see the Nexus family growing. The welcome event began with drinks and nibbles before Mr Ian Kenworthy, the Headteacher at Camborne Science and International Academy, began the formal part of the evening congratulating the students on their successful application to the Gifted STEM Programme and told them that the coming year was going to be very exciting for them. Dr Foster took over to introduce the Nexus ethos and explained the role that Nexus and the Gifted STEM programme play at CSIA. The students who are joining the Gifted STEM Programme will be presented with a huge array of opportunities and Dr...

Day Two Of The RVC Masterclass

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The Royal Veterinary College Masterclass at Nexus entered day two yesterday and the participants were given no time to relax. The first session of the day was an Art Anatomy workshop, where the students were shown the different ways that anatomy has been represented through diagrams and drawings through history. After some practicing of their drawing skills they were guided through the process of anatomical drawing by Grace Sim, a member of the RVC admissions team and Cambridge graduate in Biology. The students used pencils to create intricate line drawings of a variety of animal skulls. The second session was run by Andrew Crook, head of Anatomy at the RVC. Andrew showed the students a variety of plastinated specimens of tissues from various animals, ranging from a horse’s heart and lung to an entire cow’s head! The students were taught how the plastination process works...

Day One Of The Amazing RVC Masterclass

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The first day of the RVC Masterclass has concluded after an action packed schedule of events and workshops. As the students relax at home after a full day of getting to know each other and beginning their research projects, Nexus and RVC staff are busy preparing for another day of amazing activities. Highlights of today include team building activities such as; donning surgical scrubs to operate forceps and remove ‘organs’ from model kittens; bandaging life-sized cuddly dogs and interpreting x-rays from real animals. This afternoon, students got a taste of life at the RVC, carrying out a histopathology lab session looking at blood samples. The session this afternoon was delivered by Dr Lawson, a senior lecturer and head of the Biosciences course at RVC. The day concluded with a parent event where Jon Parry (Deputy Head of Admissions at RVC), Andrew Crook (Head of Anatomy)...

Full House at RVC Summer School

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The Royal Veterinary College Summer School got under way today with sixty aspiring Vets, Medics, Biochemists and Biologists attending. We are delighted to be working with the Royal Veterinary College for this event, which spans three days and will be repeated annually for Year 10,11 and VI Form students from schools throughout Cornwall. The Summer School participants will be taking part in a huge range of activities, from anatomical drawing to a dissection with the Royal Vet College lecturers. This event usually runs at the Royal Veterinary College in London; we are delighted to be able to bring this opportunity to Cornwall. Places are full for this years’ RVC Summer School at Nexus, but there is a Parent Event tonight from 6-7pm, run by RVC staff, where you can find out more about the Veterinary School, funding support available and how to apply. If you would like to attend, or...

New Nexus VI Cohort Visit The OGS Building

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We were really excited to meet the new Nexus VI Cohort yesterday who visited Nexus for an induction meeting. They spent the morning on the main CSIA Campus meeting their A Level teachers and finding out more about life as part of the VI Form Academy before having lunch and heading over to Nexus to see the newly refurbished Old Grammar School Building for the first time. The students were given the opportunity to relax in the common room and get to know each other before being briefed about the programme in the OGS Hall by Mr Chapman and Dr Foster. They were taken on a tour of the Campus and were given the opportunity to explore the OGS Building, where they will be largely based for the next two years. The students are very excited to begin their journey in September, here are a selection of their comments: I am looking forward to the international collaboration opportunities in...

Dr Marasingha Teaches Nexus How To Cut Cake Using Mathematics

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Senior Mathematics Lecturer from the University of Exeter, Dr Gihan Marasingha, visited Nexus today to talk about the Mathematics of Social Choice. He used the analogy of cutting and sharing a cake to teach the mathematics of making choices which provide optimal satisfaction. Dr Marasingha introduced the idea of ‘mathematical fairness’ and explored how this intriguing idea applies to real life scenarios such as the ongoing Brexit negotiations to penalty shootouts. The students were asked to play an adapted version of the ‘prisoner dilemma’ game, where they could choose to share with or steal money from their partner. Dr Marasingha also held a tutorial with Mia, a Nexus VI student who is completing an EPQ project on the use of the Fourier Transform in MRI. We are delighted that Dr Marasingha make the journey to Nexus and wish to thank him for his fascinating...

Nexus rise to chess challenge

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Almost all of Nexus are playing chess, it seems! The new Nexus Chess Ladder is being hotly contested, with games being played and watched at breaks, lunch and tea time every day. So today’s challenge for all you parents and chess lovers out there is this: This photo is of the game between Eva (black pieces) and Jack (white pieces). Who has the strategic advantage? (Result of match to follow!)

Engineering a jet engine

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As part of our extraordinary co-curricular programme, the Helicopter Engineers in Years 7 and 8 were lucky enough to be able to work with a real jet engine today, brought to Nexus by Engineers from RNAS Culdrose. They explained to students how the engine works, not to provide thrust as in an aeroplane, but to drive a fan that turns cogs to spin helicopter rotor blades and thus provide lift. In the next session, students will be on the base at Culdrose, working with the real cutaway helicopters. Up up and...