Our NEW Nexus PPE Programme – From September 2018

We’ve been delighted at how successful and popular our Gifted STEM Programme has been over the past two years.

We are aware, though, that many Year 6 students have strengths that lie in the Languages, including English, and Humanities. Because of this we are very pleased to announce that, from September 2018, we will be launching a new programme for students with strengths in English and Humanities, called Nexus Gifted PPE.

Why ‘Nexus PPE’?

We have chosen the title PPE because it is the name of a very prestigious degree, one that students who are very able in these subjects could aspire to. Many Judges, Lawyers, Journalists and Politicians hold a degree in PPE. At GCSE, if Gifted PPE students opt to stay in the programme, we anticipate will choose some combination of Economics, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE) and Politics, as well as the core subject choices and Triple Science.


What would being in Nexus PPE involve?

Students in the Nexus PPE Programme will study their English and Science at the Nexus Campus, alongside other very able children. Mirroring the Nexus STEM Programme, students in the Nexus PPE Programme will stay at school each day until 5pm. There will be a huge range of English and Humanities-related co-curricular activities to choose from, including Debating, Chess, Philosophy and many others.


How does my child apply for Nexus PPE or Nexus STEM?

The selection process for Nexus PPE is the same as that for Nexus STEM. When your child’s place is confirmed at CSIA, you will receive an application pack. Within the pack is a letter about how to apply. You should express your interest by emailing Nexus Reception with your child’s name, current school and date of birth, saying that you would like them to sit the assessment. The assessment date this year is on Saturday 24th March. Booking for the assessment is essential – we cannot accommodate children who arrive on the day without pre-booking.

Further information about the assessment can be found on our Admission to the Nexus Programme page.