VI Form Testimonials

We are very proud of our Gifted STEM Programme. We feel it offers a world-class education and provides our students with unique and exceptional opportunities to develop important skills. Don’t just take our word for it though, here some of the students who have been a part of our Nexus VI Programme; now CSMS, tell you what they think:

Nexus VI has provided me with a lot of support to further my studies and interests in Biology and Psychology. Through the programme, I have also been given some amazing opportunities, such as the Singapore collaboration projects with National Junior College, and the chance to meet and work with academics from top universities. These experiences are invaluable to me as they have extended my A-level studies and will strengthen my university application.

Kathryn, Nexus VI

The Nexus Programme has allowed me to explore many opportunities that I had never considered would be available to me at this stage. The Oxbridge-style mentoring in particular has been very beneficial; I am able to link the knowledge from my A Level studies to current scientific research and to develop my own ideas alongside an academic in my field of interest.

Jodie, Nexus VI

The Nexus VI programme has provided an incredible range of opportunities that have been personally tailored towards my aspiration to study Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. One of the highlights of this year was the one-to-one tutorial with Professor Imre Leader, a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. I was stretched way above the Maths A Level curriculum and encouraged to think independently about the subject; brilliant preparation for my Cambridge interview.

Mia, Nexus VI

Nexus has provided me with opportunities that are invaluable for my future in Science. They have enabled me to develop contacts with academics in top universities around the UK, which is most useful in deciding the specific career path that I am willing to follow. Furthermore, they have given me a deeper insight into a broad range of different topics within Science, as well as my own interest in animal biology.

Meghan, Nexus VI