VI Form at CSMS

Cornwall School of Maths and Science at VI Form Academy

Students in the VI Form Academy at Camborne Science and International Academy achieve outstanding results in their Science and Maths A Levels thanks to high quality lessons delivered by subject specialists and exceptional academic and pastoral support.

NEXUS-27For students in the VI Form, CSMS offers a wealth of incredible opportunities to ensure that they are in the best possible position to secure places at the most competitive courses at the best Universities. Working Groups in areas such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are focused on developing subject specific skills which provide the very best chance of success when applying to these highly competitive courses. For example, students in the Medical Working Group meet with current medical students, have lectures from researchers at the cutting edge of medical science and receive personalised guidance at all stages of the application process, including extensive interview practice. Students who attend the Top University Club learn how to make personal statements stand out from the crowd and meet university admissions tutors to find out first-hand what makes a successful university applicant.


Why the VI Form Academy

The VI Form Academy at CSIA is open to students from any school. VIFormnewpurpleWith 100% pass rate at A-Level, with 94% of students achieving A*-B for Maths A-Level and 64% of students achieving A*-B for Science, if you want to succeed in your studies while being nurtured by teachers who care about you as an individual, then VI Form Academy is the natural choice.

In addition to the excellent provision you will receive on the main CSIA Campus, Cornwall School of Maths and Science will give you the opportunity to further extend your learning experience, providing you with skills and opportunities that other VI Forms cannot offer.

The Oxbridge Stream at CSMS

Students with a particular aptitude for STEM subjects and who have the ambition to aim for the very best courses at the best universities can apply to be part of the Oxbridge Preparation Programme.  CSMS students have exclusive access to the Old Grammar School Building on the Nexus Campus every day, where the amazing space and facilities are available for collaborative and independent study, ongoing research or even lab-based investigations. It is expected that these students will be predicted A and A* grades in their Science and Maths GCSE subjects, and will be studying at least two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths or Computer Studies at A-Level.

The planned outcome of study at Cornwall School of Maths and Science is top grades at A-Level and for members of the programme to gain entry to the most competitive STEM courses at Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group Universities.

In addition to the general offer for VI Form, members of CSMS will be:2
• Nurtured through an Oxbridge-style tutorial programme supported by academics from a number of Universities.
• Given the opportunity for collaboration and visits with research groups both in the UK and Internationally, for example ongoing research into Biodiversity with National Junior College, Singapore, possibly leading to publication of papers.

• Able to access to the Nexus Campus facilities and CSMS building until 5pm each day for independent and supported study.
• Prepared for and involvement in high-profile competitions such as Science and Maths Olympiads, in the UK and internationally, and preparation for opportunities such as Nuffield Scholarships.
• Offered the chance to become a STEM Leader for CSMS

The General Offer

As part of the VI Form Academy you will be supported every step of Nexus prospectus 17 (72)-108the way on your journey to a top university. CSMS will provide for all students in the Academy:
• The Top University Club, to give you experiences, guidance and insider knowledge to help you to get into the most competitive courses at the best Universities.
• Working groups for those aiming for vocational STEM subjects, such as medicine, veterinary science and dentistry.
• Workshops and lectures from leading academics to support and enrich your learning in Science, Maths and Computing.
• Opportunities to study STEM-based projects for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).
• Trip the Large Hadron Collider in CERN in 2019.