Nexus students tackle Cyber Crime and get inspired by Cyber Futures!

By on Jul 17, 2018 in Blog |

Nexus and CSIA students were propelled into the world of cybercrime fighting yesterday as part of South West Police’s “Cyber Future” programme. Students worked on challenging interactive scenarios where their cyber knowledge was put to the test along with their morale and ethical decision making. In addition to learning about a career in cyber security and the Computer Misuse Act students were guided through the ever growing list of careers that stem from an education in computer programming and IT management. Jobs such as game and software design, hardware engineer, web developer, security analyst or even a government vulnerability tester!

With so many new career paths opening everyday who knows what the future holds? Perhaps Nexus contains a future Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer or Elon Musk! We will be working closely with Cyber Futures to make sure that students from Nexus and CSIA are able to benefit from every opportunity that is available.