Nexus Students Enjoy Canadian Challenges from Exchange Teachers

By on Mar 22, 2019 in Blog |

As part of CSIA’s extensive international programme we have very close links with Fort Richmond Collegiate, a Science-specialist high school in Winnipeg, Canada. Last year Mr Chapman travelled to Winnipeg to see how teachers there engage their students in enquiry and scientific research and this week we have been hosting two teachers in return.

Both 7 STEM and 7 PPE have had the opportunity to experience some difficult and exciting challenges set by the visiting teachers. Yesterday 7 STEM were taught by Mr Kellough, a maths teacher from Fort Richmond, about famous unsolved mathematical problems and given the opportunity to try and figure out brand new ways of approaching these complicated issues.

Today 7 PPE were put through their paces by Ms Longobardi who set up a palaeontological challenge where students had to try and work out the shape of a dinosaur from a limited number of fossil bones collected from a “dig”.

The students have really enjoyed their ‘Canadian’ lessons and we are very grateful to Fort Richmond Collegiate and both Mr Kellough and Ms Longobardi for their continuing collaboration with CSIA.