Nexus Primary

Our work with our Primary partners takes many forms. Our goal is to inspire, to excite and to ignite curiosity about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Working with Primary staff, we have developed a Primary STEM Programme that supports Teaching and Learning in Science, maths and technology while making the amazing resources of Nexus available to children from the local area and beyond.

Our Nexus Primary Programme has been published and has been sent to all our local Primary Schools. These classes can only be booked by teachers. If you are a teacher and would like your school to be involved please contact us. Booking is essential for these workshops. To request a booking, email The Science workshops run on a Friday Week B from 9 – 10 and 11 – 12. The Maths Masterclasses run on a Wednesday both weeks from 9 – 10.

Gifted STEM Club

If you have a child who is very able and enthusiastic in Mathematics and Science, you can book them in for our Gifted STEM Club; contact us for more details.


The Maths Masterclass investigate the Golden Ratio

Golden ratio

Students from St. John’s Primary School find out about Skeletons.

Skeletons 3
Gwinear Sept 16 2

Why does the Moon look how it does? Children from Gwinear School discover why at our Stargazers workshop with Dr. Grant and Kim Mackintosh.

Children from Trevithick Learning Academy and Connor Downs Academy work with datalogging equipment provided by the Primary Science Teaching Trust.


One recent Gifted STEM Club activity asked students to design a house that would retain heat. The activity was based on the Monta Rosa Mountain Hut, which is designed to have a low impact environmentally, but provide shelter in one of the world’s most hostile environments.

A completed mountain hut.