Nexus Greenpower Racers Learn The Secrets Of Aston Martin

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On Wednesday 12th June 10 students from Nexus travelled up to the Aston Martin Factory. The students who were selected are part of the Nexus Greenpower Racing Team who are due to race their car in the Greenpower Championships on the 4th July.

When we arrived the students were greeted in reception by Nick who showed them three fantastic brand new Aston Martins. The students were able to sit in them which they all thoroughly enjoyed. We then went through the history and development of the Aston Martin showing a car which was made in 1920 through to Daniel Craig’s James Bond car in Spectre.

The students then moved onto the factory floor where they gained an insight into the manufacturing and designing of these fantastic cars. We watched a variety of different stations which included leather printing, sewing the leather together for the interior, a tour of the different engines, looking at the paint choices, engineers putting the car together and finally the completed cars.

The students asked some very interesting questions and the tour guide Nick was very impressed with the knowledge of these students. We also met a Graduate Engineer who discussed career choices with the students. 

The highlight of the day was seeing the Valkyrie. Aston Martin has sold 150 of these cars for £2.3 million pounds. They are due to start production of these cars soon. 

Here are some quotes from students 

It was fun interesting and inspiring 


I never knew how expensive and how well made cars could be 


It was an awesome experience 


It was a once in a lifetime experience 


VIP to the next level!!


After discussing with the students on the bus on the way back they are truly inspired and many are looking to pursue careers in this field.