Nexus Astronomers show their star quality

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Yesterday, some of the students who study Astronomy as one of the co-curricular activities at Nexus attended the Space Weather Symposium at the University of Exeter.

Space weather 3

The students attended conference sessions delivered by Dr. Maria Weber (Stellar magnetism and habitability) and Dr. Gabby Provan (Northern Lights) as well as presenting their own work to the judges, who were all professional astronomers and academics. The workshops were truly stimulating and exciting; students were showed how the Northern Lights are formed, and were able to see this in action through some incredible experiments.

Space weather 1

The students had entered an academic poster into the poster competition. The first group, of Ben W, Jack B, Dylan F-S and Holly R submitted a poster on ‘Life without the Sun’. Cian O, James B, Jake L, Adam C and Sibile G had researched Solar Exuberances. Both groups were highly praised by the judges. The students were quizzed by Professor Delores Knipp, from the Colorado Centre for Astrodynamics; Professor Patricia, Rice University and Professor Norma Bock Crosby, Institute for Space Astronomy. We were delighted when the prize winners were announced. The Nexus teams won First (Life without the Sun)  and Second place (Solar Exuberances) in the competition.

Space weather 2

The judges commented on the Nexus students’ excellent knowledge of astronomy, and their well-prepared posters. The students were presented with a beautiful book about Space as a prize for their presentations. Many thanks to Dr. Grant Mackintosh and Kim Mackintosh who have led the Astronomy at Nexus this year.