Nexus 8 wow with their models of DNA

By on Oct 9, 2018 in Blog |

Recently the Nexus 8 students were set a challenge; to produce a 3D model of DNA. During their lesson they were shown the model of DNA that Crick and Watson, supported by Franklyn and Wilkins, produced back in 1953.

The brilliant students did not disappoint, producing a fantastic array of models of this molecule that forms the basis of life as we know it. The models that the students brought into school were in a huge variety of forms. Some students used CAD-CAM software to design and then 3D print their DNA molecules. Others made their molecules out of sweets, pipe cleaners and lolly sticks, or used origami to create the perfect DNA twisted ladder. One creative student crocheted a marvellous DNA double helix!

Here are some of the creations that the students brought into Nexus today.