Mock Trial Competition Team Meet a Magistrate

By on Feb 27, 2019 in Blog |

Yesterday, Nexus was pleased to welcome special visitor and local magistrate, John Aldred.  John came to visit students participating in the national Mock Trial competition, which gives students the opportunity to demonstrate and practise their skills in communication, evaluating evidence and making a persuasive argument.  It also gives them a unique insight into the ‘courtroom experience’ and the opportunity to learn more about our legal system.

Students enjoyed questioning John about his motivation to become a magistrate, his experiences so far, and some of the rewards and challenges of the role.  John was very impressed by our students, commenting on how polite, intelligent, confident and articulate they were.  He praised students for the way they identified key pieces of evidence and used them to make effective arguments.  The students gained a huge amount from John’s experience and valuable advice.  We wish them luck when they compete against other schools at Truro Crown Court next Friday.

You can see here John paying careful attention to the trial, as some of the witnesses get pressed by the prosecution – there is no doubt that a legal career is an option for many of these students!


Thank you John and good luck Team CSIA!