Mining Lecture By Dr Wetherelt Was A Blast

By on Mar 14, 2018 in Blog |

Today Nexus played host to Dr Andrew Wetherelt, Senior Lecturer from the University of Exeter. Dr Wetherelt gave a fascinating lecture to students from Nexus and across the county who are members of the Scholars’ Community.

Dr Wetherelt introduced some of the planning and mathematics that goes into designing the best way to blast rocks in mines efficiently and most importantly safely. His lecture was very interactive, with students carrying out some mathematical calculations to decide on the appropriate size of a bore hole to be filled with explosives. Dr Wetherelt then shared some examples of how things can go wrong – including photos of quarry workers’ cars being destroyed by flying rocks after a poorly designed blast.

The talk culminated in Dr Wetherelt sharing videos of increasingly dangerous quarry explosions, much to the enjoyment of the audience. We would like to thank Dr Wetherelt for his time and his entertaining lecture.

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