STEM Summer Camp for Girls

As part of our drive to encourage more girls to stay engaged in STEM subjects, we run an annual STEM Summer Camp for girls at Nexus.

Find more information about what we got up to at the 2017 STEM Summer Camp for girls here:

STEM Summer Camp for girls starts with a bang!

Chemical Mystery at STEM Summer Camp for girls

A day amongst the stars for the girls at STEM Camp!

100% of the parents would recommend the Summer STEM Camp to other parents.

The parents said:

“It was obvious our daughter had really enjoyed the camp when she said “it’s even better than school!”. It has been a great experience, I will recommend to others.”

“My daughter has had a fantastic time and met new friends. Thank you.”

“My daughter really enjoyed the camp; thank you!”

“She had really enjoyed these three days, and didn’t want it to end! Thank you.”

“She has loved every minute!”

“She has had the most fantastic time. She has always been interested in Science, and this has increased her enthusiasm even more. Many thanks.”

“She has loved every day and hasn’t stopped talking about what she’s done each day on the camp.”

“She spent her 10th birthday on the camp and said it was the ‘best birthday present ever’! She has learned lots, gained confidence in her abilities and made friends.”

“She has thoroughly enjoyed the engaging, hands on experiences in the last few days . Huge thanks!”


100% of the girls who attended would recommend the Summer STEM Camp to others.

The girls said:

“Taking part was amazing!”

“I thought it was really fun!”

“It was amazing. I would do it one million more times”

“I thought it was really good and I will encourage my sister to go when she is in Year 5”

“I loved the Summer Camp and would like to do it all again! It really got me into Science, Engineering and Astronomy.”

“I loved it!”

“These three days have been amazing.”

“It was fun and interesting.”

“I found that I love using Bunsen burners!”

“I loved it and after being here I am thinking of being a Scientist.”

“It was the best ever Summer Camp!”

“I really enjoyed it. The thing I enjoyed most was the Space Day…it was AMAZING!”

“I thought the STEM Summer Camp was so fun and I would love to come again.”

“I really enjoyed it and it made me want to be a chemist when I am older.”

“I thought it was amazing. I loved meeting new people.”

A great end to a really fantastic three days! For more information about Summer STEM Camps for 2018, contact