Gifted STEM Club

Primary Gifted STEM Club

These sessions are aimed at the most able pupils in Science and Mathematics in Years 5 and 6.

There are two different opportunities to take part in the Gifted STEM Club – the same sessions will run at both clubs so children should do either the morning sessions or the after school sessions, but not both.

After School Gifted STEM Club

The after school clubs will run on the following dates from 3.30pm – 5pm:

14th November 2016 – Eco Warrior

5th December 2016 – Santa’s Journey

16th January 2017 – Creative Computers

20th February 2017 – Cargo Drop

16th March 2017 – Sailing By

12th June 2017 – It’s a Green World

If you would like your child to attend the after school clubs, please email Booking is essential.

Monday Morning Gifted STEM Club

The morning sessions of Gifted STEM Club take place each half term, and schools can nominate students for these sessions, as they run in school time.

These sessions take place from 10am – 11.30am. A member of school staff should accompany children attending sessions during the school day.

Eco Warrior

Being environmentally friendly poses a challenge for every aspect of society. After exploring the effects of how producing something as simple as a crisp packet can affect our environment, could we transform something we would normally throw away into an everyday useful object?

17th October

Santa’s journey

On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas has a long way to travel, and not much time. In this session, pupils learn about distance-time graphs, and plot Santa’s journey across the world.

5th December

Can a computer be creative?

Professor Simon Colton and his team design computer programmes that seem to make decisions for themselves, but can a computer be an artist? Come and meet Professor Colton and talk to him about his work. This session is a must for the aspirational computer enthusiast!

12th January.

Cargo Drop

How do you drop a truck out of a plane and drive the truck away afterwards? In this session, pupils use ideas about momentum to design packaging that minimizes the force on an object as it hits the ground.

27th March

Sailing By

Boats have been designed for years for various different purposes. Why don’t all boats have the same shape? Let’s test to find out.


22nd May

It’s a green world

Plants are crucial to life on Earth, but how much do you really know about them? Explore our Nobel garden and learn about the chemicals involved in photosynthesis.


10th July