Gifted STEM Club

Gifted STEM Club 2019-2020

These sessions are aimed at the most able pupils in Science in Years 4-6. They are run by a Science teacher, and provide a wide variety of challenging and exciting activities to stimulate STEM-mad youngsters. The children will sign up for a nine week block at Nexus on a Tuesday after-school. They will be completing the SuperStar Crest Awards. The SuperStar Awards are a great introduction to problem-solving in STEM. They offer children the opportunity to learn through hands-on challenges by exploring the world around them. The children will complete eight SuperStar activities and record these in their CREST SuperStar passport. Each one takes around an hour and involves solving a real-world problem. The children develop their investigative and teamwork skills. After completing all eight challenges, each child will receive a CREST SuperStar certificate and iron-on badge.

Mrs Gourley teaching the students in the SuperStar Crest Award session.

These sessions take place after school on Tuesdays from 3.30-4.30pm. Students can attend from any primary school in Cornwall.

To book your child’s place, please contact

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