Gaby Shows Off His “Happiness Project”

By on Oct 16, 2017 in Blog |

As part of their Philosophy and Ethics lessons at Nexus, the students in Nexus 8 were asked to produce something that represented what makes them happy. There were some exceptional projects handed in on Friday last week, not least this amazing 3D model of the Nexus logo from Gaby.

Gaby said: “Being at Nexus makes me happy because I have such a good time. We get the opportunity to do so much here and I know I will have a really good career because of it!”

Dr Foster, the Director of Nexus, commented: “We’ll be displaying Gaby’s glittery creation at Nexus where it’s a great reminder of what we are here for; happy students who love their time at school and excel at their learning.”

Gabby Happyness project