Easter STEM Club gets off to a great start!

By on Apr 3, 2018 in Blog |

This morning 33 Year 5 children from all over Cornwall joined us for our Easter STEM Club at Nexus.

The children tacked some really challenging Maths problems including angles, Morse code, co-ordinates, map reading and shapes to solve a Murder Mystery.

They then designed and built balloon boats as part of a Marine Engineering activity; they were marked on aesthetics, speed and load bearing capacity.

Last of all they created an almighty mess in the dining room as part of an Engineering Challenge. Using only marshmallows and spaghetti, the teams were challenged to produce an engineering masterpiece that spanned a distance of 30cm. The spaghetti was only 28cm long, so the teams had to come up with some ingenious solutions! Only three teams managed to support the cr̬me egg load in the middle of their bridge Рbut if the laughter level was anything to go by, they all enjoyed trying very much!

Tomorrow is Day two of the Easter STEM Club; we’ll be doing fun things with indicators and flame tests; see you then!IMG_2217

IMG_2230 IMG_2241 IMG_2323 IMG_2288