Dr. Jen Jackson wows us with whales

By on Sep 15, 2016 in Blog |

Whale talk 2British Antarctic Survey scientist Dr. Jen Jackson, who sits on the Whaling Commission, delivered a fascinating lecture to a rapt audience of CSIA students and invited guests. She spoke of her work to protect some of our most endangered species of whales. She explained how genetic markers allow scientists to estimate population size and recovery rate after populations are damaged by whaling.

After the talk concluded, Dr. Jackson was surrounded by students buzzing with questions about her work. Students wanted to know more about topics from using supercomputing grids to analyse genetic markers in a population to why whales don’t cross the equator (apparently they don’t like the warm water). Dr. Jackson and her colleague Michael Dunn from the BAS were overwhelmingly impressed by Nexus and the Gifted STEM Programme, and described it as “an incredible place”.

We hope to welcome Dr. Jackson and other members of the British Antarctic Survey back to Nexus soon, and perhaps to take part in the Girls’ STEM Summer Camp in 2017.