Dr Foster Appointed to Royal Society Education Committee

By on Mar 5, 2019 in Blog |

Dr Jo Foster, Director of Nexus, has been approached by the Royal Society to sit on their prestigious Education Committee. The Royal Society was founded in 1660 and is the independent scientific academy of the UK, dedicated to promoting excellence in Science.

In her role, Dr Foster will help to shape the national STEM education landscape, using her extensive experience of working in schools to encourage innovation in approaches to encourage more children, especially girls, to take on STEM subjects at University and beyond.

The Royal Society supports schools in a number of ways, for example by providing partnership grants, supplying resources and activities, carrying out education research and promulgating best practice. The Royal Society also engages with local schools and colleges via the Royal Society Schools Network. Dr Foster’s inclusion on the Education Committee gives Camborne Science and International Academy a seat at the forefront of national education developments in STEM.

Nexus, home of CSIA’s gifted programmes, has achieved national recognition from NACE (the national charity for able children), Paul Kett (Director General at the Department for Education, Nick Gibb MP (the Secretary of State for School Standards), and STEM Learning for the exceptional provision we provide for highly able young people in Cornwall.

The original copy of Newton’s PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica which is held in the Royal Society archives.