Community Hub

Nexus is a resource for the whole community. Co-curricular activities at Nexus are open to all students of CSIA so that all can benefit from the experiences on offer. CSIA are also working with local primary schools to develop practical support for Science and Maths teaching, as well as opportunities for their most able students in STEM to spend time at Nexus partaking in exciting and engaging STEM activities to challenge them.

Mind reading 2Able students from Connor Downs Academy take part in a Maths Masterclass on the Golden Ratio.

Nexus is an opportunity for students to shine, regardless of their background. We have an active programme to help to identify and support the most able students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and to encourage them to be a part of Nexus.

Public Lectures 

We offer an extensive lecture series through the year, which is open to students and staff from all Cornish Schools. These lectures are aimed at students who are targeted A and A* at Science and Maths GCSE or A-Levels. The Lectures run from 3:15-4:45pm and booking is essential.

The full list of upcoming lectures can be found here.

Whale talk 2Dr. Jen Jackson wows us with whales at her lecture.

Scholars’ Community

Cornwall has a rich history of Scientists and Mathematicians who have driven forward our understanding. From Richard Trevithick to Humphry Davy, Cornwall has been a place where innovation and invention have been important drivers for development and prosperity. The same is true today.

Cornwall’s young talent is now being nurtured through the Scholars’ Community; a growing group of young Scientists and Mathematicians who meet together for lectures, workshops and seminars to further their knowledge and understanding and to meet new friends.

Membership of the Scholars’ Community is available to any child in Cornwall from Years 7-11.

Girls into STEM

As part of our drive to encourage girls into STEM, we are working with organisations such as WISE (Women into Science, Technology and Engineering). Nexus is also likely to become a hub for excellence in teaching the Most Able and we work closely with NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education).

2016 Nexus Intake Evening-9
Hilary Lowe, CEO of NACE, welcomes students into the Gifted STEM Programme.