Co-curricular Programme

The co-curricular programme at Nexus is second to none. A wide range of STEM and PPE based activities and courses are available. Each activity is run by an expert in that field.

Astro 4Students learn to set up a powerful telescope at the Astronomy Taster.

Years 7 and 8

Examples of co-curricular activities and programmes for Year 7 and 8 include: Microbits, Astronomy, Coding and Game Development, Mandarin, Philosophy, Helicopter Engineering and Robotics. Co-curricular time can also be used for music lessons and practicing musical instruments.

Year 9

In Year 9, during the co-curricular time, students have the opportunity to work as Leaders for the co-curricular activities, working with staff to plan and deliver sessions for younger students.

Year 10

In Year 10 the focus for students is independent study for their GCSEs. There are a number of specialist opportunities, including the chance to study for a Further Maths GCSE or to work on an independent research project to earn a Higher Project Qualification (HPQ).

VI Form at the Cornwall School of Maths and Science

CSMS students can use the facilities at Nexus to carry out their own research to earn an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Students who are candidates for Oxford and Cambridge or Medical or Veterinary degrees are prepared for entry examinations through a comprehensive programme of tutorials encompassing the BMAT, UKCAT, STEP and NatSci assessments.

In addition to this an academic lecture series runs throughout the year. More details can be found here.

Corey and PhillipCorey from Nexus 7 explains his turbine design to an engineer from RNAS Culdrose at the Young Engineers Energy Quest activity.

 Canada collaborationStudents from Years 9-11 taking part in the Invasive Species Collaboration Project with students from Winnipeg, Canada.

Nexus Science-7