Chemical Mystery at STEM Summer Camp for girls

By on Aug 1, 2017 in Blog |

Wow! What a fun-packed day of Chemistry at the STEM Summer Camp for girls today! The day began with some games, of which the new favourite is  ‘Giants, Wizards and Elves’.

IMG_1204 IMG_1206 IMG_1215 IMG_1232

In the first STEM session of the day, the girls made a pH column in the Rainbow Fizz activity. The girls showed real skill in handling the chemicals and using the equipment.

IMG_1252 IMG_1286 IMG_1283 IMG_1271 IMG_1259


After a break the group made their own indicators with vegetables – they found that red cabbage was the best, making an indicator that made distinctive colours with an acid, an alkali and a neutral solution.

IMG_1313 IMG_1439 IMG_1436 IMG_1432 IMG_1408 IMG_1337

This afternoon the girls were getting to the bottom of a mystery at Hogwarts. Who had poisoned Dumbledore? The girls used flame tests on samples from the suspects’ shoes to find out!

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