Cricket-powered energy to help save the planet

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Nexus students are really fired up to help to reduce the impact of climate change. As part of their recent homework, students have been asked to come up with some practical solutions to solve the problems of overpopulation and climate change. Archie and Jack have been investigating alternative sources of protein to reduce the climate impacts of farming for meat. They came across a company, ‘Eat Grub’ that promotes the use of insect protein as a more sustainable food source. The company sent through three boxes of their ‘cricket bars’ for the Nexus students to sample. We can’t wait to try them! Well done to Archie and Jack for their brilliant engagement with this project. And look out for Eat Grub bars coming to a store near you. Apparently they taste delicious (and you can’t taste the...

Nexus Success in Mathematics Challenge

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Camborne students from both Nexus and the main campus recently took part in the prestigious UKMT Mathematics Challenge at Junior level and we are pleased to announce another year of record breaking results. The students have outdone themselves once again and received the highest number of certificates in the school’s history.  This set of outstanding results is testament to the drive, passion and determination for Mathematical problem solving shown by our excellent students. The competition is entered by students from top Mathematics classes from across the country and is a chance for the most mathematically able to pit their skills against other excellent mathematicians in Years 7 and 8. In Year 7 eight students achieved a Bronze award and two achieved Gold; in Year 8 twenty achieved Bronze, fifteen achieved Silver and six achieved Gold. Below is a table showing...

Is There Science In Art? The Difficult Question Explored In Lt Cdr Fuller’s Lecture

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Can art be scientific? Is there some underlying logic to what we find beautiful? Steve Fuller, a member of the Royal Naval Reserve at RNAS Culdrose and committed artist, certainly thinks so. From the Golden Ratio to the use of mathematical shapes in paintings, Lt Cdr Fuller gave an impassioned argument that art can be inspired by, and improved with an eye on the scientific method. Our students were taken through numerous examples of where science and art meet and Lt Cdr Fuller showed some of his own works where his clever use of maths and science had led to successful pieces. We would like to thank Steve for his time and effort delivering this exceptional lecture to our students. Hopefully a number were inspired to pick up a paint brush and have a go at creating their own science-based masterpieces.

Greenpower car off the starting blocks!

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This week saw our Greenpower team start their driver training and car testing in earnest. Although the team still have to finish off making and fitting the foam nose cone, you can see from the picture the car is now mechanically completed and sporting its school colours. We are incredibly proud of everything our students have achieved in bringing the project to this point, not only the final ten students who have been selected for the racing team, but also the almost thirty other students who have given their all throughout the year to ensure we have as good a chance as possible in this, our first Nexus Greenpower race! We have only six more sessions before the race heats on Thursday 4th of July at Predannack airfield just south of Mullion, and we have a packed schedule of training to get through but we are confident that our amazing students will deliver, as always. It is our great...

Bookworms get inspired at The KYBA Book Awards

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Our avid Nexus Bookworms had a fantastic day immersing themselves in the world of literature at the KYBA Book Awards. Hosted at The Eden Project, the students had the opportunity to hear from five authors shortlisted for KYBA (Kernow Youth Book Awards). The authors, including Ross Welford and Chris Higgins, gave presentations about the inspiration behind their writing, their methods in putting pen to paper and valuable words of wisdom to would-be writers. Students also had the chance to get books signed and ask questions to the authors, who gave freely of their time. Our students found the day highly inspiring and engaging. Authors were keen to emphasise the power and pleasure of reading. Ross Welford, author of Bookworms’ favourite, The 1,000 Year Old Boy, was keen to stress the symbiotic relationship between reader and writer and that the magic of a story lay in connecting with the...

Dreaming Spires of Oxford Inspire Nexus 7

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Twenty-four students from Nexus 7 and CSIA had an incredible opportunity to visit two Oxford colleges to get a taste of university life. The day was packed with activities; the students learned more about the courses and opportunities available at university. They were amazed to find that there really is a Quidditch Club already at Oxford University and a number were keen to sign up there and then! The Nexus students were guided around Exeter College by current undergraduate students which gave them a chance to find out more about life at the university and the application process. They were treated to lunch in the great hall before being challenged in a maths workshop delivered by Dr James Munro in the Maths Department. Finally, during the plenary session students were reminded that if they want to realise their big dreams and secure a place at a top university they need to work hard,...