Nexus Students Enjoy Canadian Challenges from Exchange Teachers

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As part of CSIA’s extensive international programme we have very close links with Fort Richmond Collegiate, a Science-specialist high school in Winnipeg, Canada. Last year Mr Chapman travelled to Winnipeg to see how teachers there engage their students in enquiry and scientific research and this week we have been hosting two teachers in return. Both 7 STEM and 7 PPE have had the opportunity to experience some difficult and exciting challenges set by the visiting teachers. Yesterday 7 STEM were taught by Mr Kellough, a maths teacher from Fort Richmond, about famous unsolved mathematical problems and given the opportunity to try and figure out brand new ways of approaching these complicated issues. Today 7 PPE were put through their paces by Ms Longobardi who set up a palaeontological challenge where students had to try and work out the shape of a dinosaur from a limited number of...

Poetry, Rap and the Principles of Practical Criticism

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The students at Nexus enjoyed a fascinating lecture from Dr Ewan Jones from the University of Cambridge on Monday. Students were introduced to the concept of practical criticism, an approach that enables students to read a text without considering contextual factors such as autobiographical details or sociohistorical factors. This was developed at the University of Cambridge in the 1920s.  Dr Jones invited the audience to investigate the impact rhythm has on a variety of poems from William Wordsworth to rap artist, Eminem. Dr Jones showed us how exploring rhythm in poetry is often a pertinent way of getting to the emotion of a poet’s work. His message was an empowering one about the importance of accepting ambiguity in poetry and the value of multiple interpretations. Celebrating 100 years of English Literature at Cambridge, Dr Jones addressed a number of questions asked by...

Appointment of Poet Laureate

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We are delighted to announce the appointment of the school’s first Poet Laureates. Arina West, a Year 7 student on the PPE programme at Nexus has been awarded the title of Poet Laureate Junior. She will be mentored and supported by three Year 12 students: Alex Green, Tilly Barker-Hall and Holly Smith. They will alternate the role of Poet Laureate Senior between them. These important roles will help shape the future of creative writing within the school. The students will be writing about important events, both on a national level and within the school. It is also anticipated that they will celebrate the work of other poets and co-ordinate events to promote creative writing opportunities within the school. Look out for the poetic efforts of our budding wordsmiths in the next newsletter.

Success with Youth Speaks

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The area competition of Youth Speaks took place at CSIA last week. A total of ten teams took part in the Intermediate Competition from seven different schools. The standard of the competition was incredibly high and the quality of the presentations were polished and persuasive. The subjects of the presentations felt current and relevant and it was clear that we were hearing from committed students who spoke with integrity and belief. We were thrilled that one of the teams from Nexus made it through to the next round along with a team from Penair. Josie (chair), Lily (main speaker) and Isla (vote of thanks) made it through to the district competition which will be held in Saltash later this month with their fascinating and stimulating talk about ‘throw-away fashion’. This was a fervent call for us to reconsider our flippant and trivial attitude towards clothing. Our other team also...

Magnificent Performance in Mock Trial Competition

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On Friday 9th March students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Citizenship Foundation’s Mock Trial competition at Truro Magistrates’ Court.  This competition gives students the opportunity to demonstrate and practise their skills in communication, evaluating evidence and making a persuasive argument.  It also gives them a unique insight into the ‘courtroom experience’ and the opportunity to learn more about our legal system. This time, the team narrowly missed out on the winning trophy but they all agreed it was an invaluable experience.  Both the lead Magistrate and Deputy Lord Lieutenant described the students as a credit to the school and commented on how well the students expressed themselves, and performed, despite being much younger than their competitors. A special mention should be made of Millie and Aaron who stepped in very last minute to new roles due a team member’s...

Seashells and the Climate – Stella Alexandroff Surprises our Students

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Our academic lecture today was delivered by Stella Alexandroff, a research fellow at the University of Exeter. Stella, who is working towards her PhD in Ocean Sciences visited to share her research into the changing marine conditions and the impact this has on the shells of marine organisms. Much like the rings in tree trunks, seashells contain layers of calcium carbonate laid down each year – by examining the precise composition of each layer it is possible to get very precise measurements for marine temperature, carbon dioxide concentrations, pH levels and much else besides. Climatologists are able to use this information to improve their models for future climate change and to provide the most reliable predictions for future climate conditions. Our students were amazed at how much information can be gleaned from a simple shell and a number who were already considering a career...