Semester 3 co – curricular

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The Semester 3 co – curricular activities start next week (week beginning 3rd February) at Nexus. Students are signing up for their choice of activities for a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the moment. There are a range of unique opportunities for the students at Nexus to enrol on. Semester 3 activities on offer at Nexus

Semester 2 co – curricular

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This is the last week of Semester 2 co – curricular activities at Nexus. Students have been participating in a nine week enrichment block based on their choices. Semester 2 Activities on offer at Nexus Youth Speaks Competition Students have been supporting with the STEM Leadership Primary Workshops; where they have been developing their leadership skills and confidence. Two students in Year 9 have been running the Speed Cubing sessions to a group of individuals where they have been sharing tactics to solve the cube. Within Robotics students have been programming and making their own robots. The students have all had a fantastic time during the co – curricular activities and have created some great work. At Nexus we are looking forward to the start of the activities on offer for Semester 3. Students completing homework Strategic Chess in Association with Cornwall Chess...

Youth Speaks Competition at Nexus

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Nexus were delighted to host Youth Speaks on the evening of Wednesday 22nd January. This was a superb opportunity to hear a number of well-crafted speeches on a diverse range of highly engaging topics from highly accomplished speakers in Years 7 through to 9 . Striking for the Environment: Josie acted as chairperson, and facilitated an excellent proposal from Lily, who argued that the importance of prioritising the health of our environment over education until our planet is back to health. Isla responded by highlighting the importance of education in being able to fix climate problems.  Bees: Ella excellently managed Keira and Lowri’s debate over the role of bees. Keira laid the case for protecting them, highlighting how important they are for human survival, whilst Lowri focused on the pain and suffering they put people through, especially those with severe...

Superstar Crest Award

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Enthusiastic primary school students have been attending the Nexus Gifted STEM club every Tuesday after school. Students have been learning through a wide variety of real-world STEM activities from making toothpaste, building bridges to rocket science. Well done to students from semester one who have already completed the activities required to achieve their nationally recognised Superstar Crest award! Students currently attending the semester two workshops are working impressively towards completing their awards; crafty rafts, recycling paper and surprising stains coming up...

Christmas Lunch and Lecture at Nexus

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On Thursday 12th December the students at Nexus had their Christmas lunch. Roast Turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas Pudding or Chocolate Cake was on the menu. The students got into the festive spirit by wearing their Christmas hats, pulling crackers and singing Christmas songs. In the afternoon students attended the Christmas lecture where Mr Chapman completed a range of experiments which included The screaming jelly baby The oscillating clock A custard factory fire A potassium dichromate volcano The students who attended thoroughly enjoyed the...

Primary STEM Workshop

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On Friday 13th December students from Trevithick Learning Academy came to Nexus to complete a workshop on the solar system The inflatable planetarium The students made planets out of salt dough and put them in the correct order of the solar system. The children got into groups to learn about how the earth rotates and the fact it can be day and night at the same time at different points on earth. The students used a torch as the sun and they stuck two sticky notes with a picture of a stick man on the globe. One at the top and one at the bottom. They would spin the globe and shine the torch at the same time to visually see the difference. The students then went into the inflatable planetarium where they could see all the planets around them and Mrs Gourley explained the different properties of each planet and different interesting facts. As the children came out they said “ That was so...