Josie’s design rolls off the press!

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Our 3D printer has been busy with designs that the students have produced themselves using Tinkercad software. Nexus 7 student Josie made her own design and it was printed on Friday. Josie used an image of Simon’s Cat which was converted to a format which could be imported into Tinkercad and incorporated into her finished model. A very useful technique to learn and what an amazing result for a first go! Well done Josie!

3D printer gets to grips with student designs

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As you are aware, our after school programme at Nexus allows students to learn skills and produce and test out their own ideas. Nexus 8 student Evie has designed this Elephant using Tinkercad in the 3D printing co-curricular sessions. To have designed this after only a very few sessions is excellent work. Tinkercad might look quite basic, but by combining shapes it is fairly easy to produce something really good – well done Evie! The elephant was printed at 0.2mm layer height for speed. Evie used supports to help protect the ears and tail during printing. The elephant, even though it is only small, took 3 hours and 17 mins to print. We are looking forward to seeing more student designs being manufactured in the next few...

Nexus 8 wow with their models of DNA

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Recently the Nexus 8 students were set a challenge; to produce a 3D model of DNA. During their lesson they were shown the model of DNA that Crick and Watson, supported by Franklyn and Wilkins, produced back in 1953. The brilliant students did not disappoint, producing a fantastic array of models of this molecule that forms the basis of life as we know it. The models that the students brought into school were in a huge variety of forms. Some students used CAD-CAM software to design and then 3D print their DNA molecules. Others made their molecules out of sweets, pipe cleaners and lolly sticks, or used origami to create the perfect DNA twisted ladder. One creative student crocheted a marvellous DNA double helix! Here are some of the creations that the students brought into Nexus today. James used clever origami to make his DNA model Fin 3D printed his model and then hand-painted it...

Inspiring Lecture by Professor Peter Vukusic

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We were so lucky today to host a brilliant lecture by Professor Pete Vukusic from the University of Exeter. The lecture explored the way that objects and animals appear different colours, and then how some amazing animals achieve their iridescent colours. The lecture included a number of practical demonstrations, and the students enjoyed glowing in UV light, creating room-sized waves to illustrate destructive and constructive interference, and looking at samples of the incredible iridescent butterflies with which Professor Vukusic has carried out his research. An indication of the level of engagement with the lecture was given at the end, when Professor Vukusic stayed on for over half an hour after the lecture ended answering questions from the audience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Vukusic very much for taking the time to come and work with our students...

Future Medics get ‘Hands-on’ to Learn about Resuscitation

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The Future Medics in Years 7 and 8 had a brilliant hands-on session with Medical Students from Exeter Medical School today. The students learned how to use a mask and bag to ensure a non-breathing patient was getting enough oxygen. The students also learned about how the lungs and breathing system work, and also used a stethoscope to listen to their own hearts. The CSIA students introduced themselves at the start of the session and the Medics were surprised that many of them already had quite clear ideas of which branch of the medical profession they were hoping to pursue. Within the group of Year 7 and 8 students are two budding neurosurgeons, a student hoping to be a paediatric doctor, a future dentist and a hopeful biomedical chemist. The four medical students running the session were very impressed with the attitude of the students and their subject knowledge. “What an...

Dr Jo Foster Appointed as STEM Education Trustee For The Science Museum Group

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The success of the amazing programme at Nexus is being widely recognised with the exciting news that Dr Foster has been appointed by the Prime Minister as a trustee for the Science Museum Group. Dr Foster said: I’m really delighted to have been appointed as a Trustee for the Science Museum Group. My role on the Board of Trustees will enable me to have an impact on the direction the Science Museum Group take in terms of their provision not only in their museums, but also in terms of outreach and resources that are available all over the country. As a teacher, I hope to be able to bring a new perspective to the Board of Trustees. The Group is very keen that the work of its teams has the widest possible impact, not only in terms of the visitors to the museums, but also more widely in the world of science education.   The Science Museum Group is the world’s leading group of science...