Ben Builds Selective Breeding From Scratch

By on Jun 8, 2018 in Blog |

Ben M in Nexus 7 has taken it upon himself to develop a computer programme coded in ‘Scratch’, a visual programming language, which models the process of selective breeding.

Ben taught himself the principles of selective breeding in his spare time and created his programme which initially displays 10 cows of random sizes. You select two cows to breed together and the programme calculates the expected sizes of the offspring to display. As you continue you can selectively breed your cows to become larger or smaller over many generations.

Ben’s programme has been a hit already and several of his teachers have asked if they can get a copy to use in their lessons. Selective breeding is often used as an introduction to inheritance and evolution in GCSE Science – it is clear that while Ben’s understanding of this concept is excellent, his ability to bring together his Science knowledge and coding skills is exceptional.

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