Awesome Chemistry for Day 2 of the Year 5 STEM Easter Camp

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Today was Chemistry Day for the lucky 33 students who were part of the Nexus Year 5 Easter Camp. They started their day with some wake-and-shake activities lead by Mr Chapman which seem to involve lots of throwing paper around and raucous laughter.

The first activity gave the children the chance to get hands on with some chemicals. They were provided with a variety of household chemicals, from orange juice to hand soap, to test whether they were acidic or alkaline. The children were introduced to the idea of the pH scale and shown how to measure pH using universal indicator paper. They were then challenged to produce a ‘Rainbow’ column using a mixture of acid, alkali and universal indicator solution.

IMG_0076 IMG_0098 IMG_E0078 IMG_E0079 IMG_E0080


The second workshop saw the children back in the lab for another hands on practical activity. They were challenged to create their own acid-alkali indicator solution using red cabbage. The results were impressive!

IMG_E0134 IMG_E0126 IMG_E0123 IMG_E0106 IMG_E0104 IMG_E0102 IMG_E0097 IMG_E0086 IMG_0116

The final session of the day was a Harry Potter themed murder mystery, where the children had to test various different samples of poisons found on the shoes of three suspects. They then compared the results of their ‘flame tests’ to some known samples to identify the person who had poisoned Dumbledore.

IMG_E0154 IMG_E0145