University of Cambridge coming to Nexus

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Nexus and CSMS have close links with the University of Cambridge, hosting lectures and academic mentoring from some of their most eminent Professors. The students also take part in a visits programme to the University, taking in the sights, sounds and environment of the University so that they feel confident in making an application to Oxbridge in the future. Next week we will be inviting students to join ‘Oxbridge Juniors’; an opportunity for students from Year 7 – 11 who are considering Oxbridge to deepen their understanding of what is required for Oxbridge and develop their skills so that their future application is more likely to be successful. As part of our ‘Oxbridge Juniors’ programme, we’re pleased to be able to confirm that Jess Lister from the University of Cambridge will be coming to Nexus on 12th November to meet with the Y7 and 8...

Josie’s design rolls off the press!

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Our 3D printer has been busy with designs that the students have produced themselves using Tinkercad software. Nexus 7 student Josie made her own design and it was printed on Friday. Josie used an image of Simon’s Cat which was converted to a format which could be imported into Tinkercad and incorporated into her finished model. A very useful technique to learn and what an amazing result for a first go! Well done Josie!

Future Medics get ‘Hands-on’ to Learn about Resuscitation

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The Future Medics in Years 7 and 8 had a brilliant hands-on session with Medical Students from Exeter Medical School today. The students learned how to use a mask and bag to ensure a non-breathing patient was getting enough oxygen. The students also learned about how the lungs and breathing system work, and also used a stethoscope to listen to their own hearts. The CSIA students introduced themselves at the start of the session and the Medics were surprised that many of them already had quite clear ideas of which branch of the medical profession they were hoping to pursue. Within the group of Year 7 and 8 students are two budding neurosurgeons, a student hoping to be a paediatric doctor, a future dentist and a hopeful biomedical chemist. The four medical students running the session were very impressed with the attitude of the students and their subject knowledge. “What an...

Nexus Orientation Day Two

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It’s been another busy day for students on the Nexus Gifted Programmes today. After a day packed with lessons at the main campus, the students met for tea in the school dining room and caught up with the new friends they made yesterday. All of Nexus 7, 8 and 9 then gathered in the Hall and met with Mr. Kenworthy. They then completed online profiles and made their co curricular choices for the first half term. From Mandarin and Chess to 3D printing and being on the Greenpower racing car team, there’s something for everyone! Nexus 10 students also made good use of their co curricular time. They began work on their Further Maths GCSE with the Maths Lead at Nexus Mr. Gareth Rees. This additional qualification which is offered to students at the school who are very able at Mathematics gives a firm foundation for Maths A level as well as supporting students to gain the highest...

Another busy after school session at Nexus

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It was all go after school today at Nexus. The students in Nexus VI were having individual tutorials with Mr. Chapman regarding preparation for their University entrance exams. This year we have students sitting the BMAT, UKCAT, STEP and Cambridge Natural Sciences Admissions assessments. Meanwhile, other students in Nexus VI were enjoying their new Study Room. Nexus 9 have settled into their new computer suite in the OGS building and were busy with the homework for their new GCSE subjects. Nexus 8 and 9 Astronomers were continuing their studies with Grant and Kim Mackintosh in the Physics lab. The Hive was a hive of activity with students carrying out a variety of activities including their homework. Max and Ben began their own investigation into the relationship between arm span and height, while Ben and Greg battled it out over the chessboard. Another busy day at...