Cutting edge research into evolution taking place at Nexus

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This week Nexus students from Years 7-9 are taking part in a study run by Exeter University. The study is investigating ‘cultural transmission’; how ideas and behaviours can be passed between individuals within and between groups. It has been proposed that effective transmission of ideas between learners has been very important in allowing humans to become such a dominant species on the planet. We look forward to seeing the completed work when it is published!

Congratulations to children joining CSIA in September!

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Today’s the day when parents across Cornwall discover whether their child has a place at the school of their choice. We have received a huge number of enquiries from parents of children with a place at CSIA who are interested in applying for the Gifted Programmes at Nexus. We will very shortly be sending out a pack with information about how to apply for the Nexus admissions testing day on Saturday 23rd March. If your child has a place at CSIA and you would like to pre-register your interest in your child sitting the Nexus assessment, please email our administrator on For any further information about the assessment day and subsequent interviews, please visit our Admission pages.

Courtroom drama unfolds as students prepare for Mock Trial

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Nexus students in the PPE strand of the programme have been honing their courtroom skills as they prepare for the Mock Trial Competition, which takes place in March. The students have been preparing witness statements and cross examining witnesses; skills which will be essential as they take their case to the Mock Court and are judged on their performance. Tomorrow we are lucky enough to have a Magistrate visiting Nexus to advise the students on technique and to give them valuable insight into the workings of a real courtroom. Watch this space as the case...

Industry engagement for the Escape Room planners

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The students planning the Nexus Escape Room were joined this evening at Nexus for the Escape Room co-curricular session by Mr. Rob Kellow, Managing Director of RG Kellow Ltd, an important and growing Cornish construction company. Industry engagement is so important to us here at Nexus as it allows the students to make links between the knowledge and skills they are learning and how these can be applied to the world of work. The students are using their skills in creativity, 3D design and printing and design technology to design and build an escape room based on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. RG Kellow are generously supporting the project with construction skills, advice and support for the build. Can’t wait to see the finished product, which we hope will be in operation by the end of the year. Many thanks to Rob Kellow for his enthusiasm and engagement in the project.  ...

Entry to Nexus Gifted Programmes for September 2019

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If you have a Y6 child who will be sitting the Nexus Assessment for September 2019 entry to the Gifted Programme, then as you pin your new 2019 calendar to your kitchen wall, make sure you pencil this date in!  The Nexus Assessment will take place on Saturday 23rd March at the CSIA main campus, with Interviews held on 26th and 26th April. Full information about the assessment can be found here, but to register your interest in the Nexus Assessment at this stage, please contact An information letter about the Assessment will be sent out with the CSIA Welcome Pack at the start of...