Fantastic last day of Easter STEM Camp at Nexus

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We’ve had such a wonderful few days with some exceptional young people over the three days of Easter STEM Camp. Today the children have made fractal sculptures and explored Fibonacci, honed their debating skills discussing science and philosophy, pondering questions such as “can a robot be ill?” and added the finishing touches to their 3D designs. Also a very Happy 9th Birthday to one member of the camp! If you would like to find out more about the Gifted Programmes at Nexus do visit our website at...

A rainbow of indicators, a Maths Mystery and a bouncy investigation

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…It must be Day Two of Easter STEM Camp! It was another exhilarating day, kicking off with an enthusiastic game of Wizards, Elves and Giants. Today the children perfected their 3D objects, made their own indicators using red cabbage and made a rainbow of colours by testing them with a variety of solutions. They also used brilliant maths to solve a murder mystery, and investigated bouncy problems with springs and elastic. Bungeeeee! A bouncy...

Sciencetastic first day of Easter STEM Camp!

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Day one of Easter STEM Camp took place today, with fifty-two Year 4 and 5 children from all over Cornwall joining us for three days of exciting STEM-themed activities. Children used their imagination to devise clever ‘portmanteau’ words; these words are a ‘mash-up’ of two other descriptive words. Inspired by the story of Frankenstein children designed their own monster and then described it using prose containing portmanteau words. The children wrote some fantastic descriptions. “On a dreamal night in November, in a lispark, the cronster was born. It has drear ears, teeth as green as a grapple, arms as thick as a grick and lips as straight as a strake.” The children also had their first taste of 3D design; using Tinkercad to create their own models to be 3D printed. The children were hugely creative with their designs- everything from rabbits wearing...

The algorithms that drive artificial intelligence

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We were really lucky today to be treated to a lecture by Dr Joan Casas Roma, Research Fellow at Falmouth University. He spoke about his research into the way that mathematical algorithms can be used to help machines that use artificial intelligence (such as self-driving cars) to make moral decisions. The debate that this generated was lively; students were full of questions! A stimulating and very enlightening talk and we would like to express our thanks to Dr. Casas Roma.

Cutting edge research into evolution taking place at Nexus

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This week Nexus students from Years 7-9 are taking part in a study run by Exeter University. The study is investigating ‘cultural transmission’; how ideas and behaviours can be passed between individuals within and between groups. It has been proposed that effective transmission of ideas between learners has been very important in allowing humans to become such a dominant species on the planet. We look forward to seeing the completed work when it is published!